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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the scientific process of increasing the profit your website generates, by making more of your existing traffic and pushing more sales per visit.

At Crypto IT & SEO Consultants, we help our clients improve their website conversion optimization by looking closely at your existing CRO marketing strategy (if you have one) and then designing and executing a plan for your website that will generate more leads and more customers. Our agency experts have years of experience in website conversion optimization, and each of our clients receives a personalized set of strategies designed to optimize their website and conversion rate. We’ll make sure your website is set up in a way that encourages conversions, and that it functions appropriately for users. With our conversion optimization services, you’ll experience the benefits of what can happen when you put real effort into appealing to what your customers want and optimizing their experience on your site.

Advantages of CRO Include:

  • Tailored Delivery
  • Proven strategies to increase conversions fast
  • Customer Centric
  • Encouraging new visitors to the site, increasing traffic and boosting conversions
  • Unique service offering
  • Creating unique, engaging, high quality content in line with your brand’s goals and message.

Types of Conversions

Most businesses think of conversion optimization in terms of purchases, but there are many other actionable steps consumers can take on your website that are beneficial to your brand’s growth. As an SEO and conversion optimization agency, we take on the task of designing your website in a way that directs your traffic to a number of converting actions, including:

Purchasing products or services

Subscribing to an email list or newsletter

Providing contact information

Requesting more information

Creating an account

Following your brand on social media

Some of these are macro-conversions, meaning they’re end goals that support your business in a big way. Others, such as adding a product to a cart or requesting more information about your products, are micro-conversions, smaller steps that are necessary to achieve a substantial action. A thorough CRO strategy incorporates best practices for increasing both macro- and micro-conversions, in turn helping your business recognize a wide range of goals.

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